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May 20, 2020
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Hello everyone! just wanted to introduce myself :) pretty amateurish player with a very rare "holy wow - how did I win that?" moment against folks much better than me :). Looking forward to better my ch-game ;-)
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Anyone up for a match?
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St. Patrick's Day Arena tonight @8 pm. ☘☘☘5I3 time control. Registration starts at 7 pm. See you there!♟🔥
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Anyone wants to play a 5I3 Arena at Chess in the Park tonight @8 pm? Registrations open at 7 pm. Club link:
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You need to play in FIDE rated events which are usually over the board. A CFC membership would help.
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Let's make a change for chess in Canada

Let's make a change for chess in Canada

elfinka | Peb 3, 2023
My apologies! These days I've been away from online games because I've been promoting my petition to make chess a sport in Canada (with the OTB clubs). For me chess is many things: chess is a game, chess is art, chess is math, chess is a sport. But the fact is, the Canadian Government doesn't consider it any of these. We are specifically excluded from government funding for sports. Government wouldn't consider it art. This obviously needs to change! Let's make government include chess into sp...
Upcoming Online CFC Tournaments

Upcoming Online CFC Tournaments

fredpei | Hul 22, 2020
Sat, July 25 - Juniors to Masters Sunshine Open ( Sun, July 26 -  Brantford Food Bank Charity Tournament ( Sat, Aug 1 - Calgary Chess Club Online Rapid Rumble ( Sun, Aug 2 - Hamissauga Online #4 (