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Mar 4, 2017
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Feb 28, 2023
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Feb 28, 2023
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Live Seminars with Chess University Directors this Friday!

Live Seminars with Chess University Directors this Frid...

ChessUniversityTest | Dis 15, 2017
Chess University is going to offer two live seminars with Chess University's Directors this Friday. Each seminar will consist of a 45 minute lecture, a 30 minute training session featuring some carefully selected exercise positions, and a 15 minute open discussion period for a total of 90 minutes of class time. Questions can be asked via chat throughout each seminar, but should be kept on topic except for the open discussion towards the end. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP Live Seminar 1: Recognizi...
5 Free Chess Ebooks

5 Free Chess Ebooks

ChessUniversityTest | Abr 29, 2017
Here are five chess books that are out of copyright and may be downloaded legally for FREE: You're welcome!