Most of us are involved in one or other of our club’s activities! At the end of the year, we induct our top performers in our HALL OF FAME! This is to reward and felicitate our active and dedicated members for their contributions throughout the year!

Our tasks for 2019 are well planned and limited…


We participated in the seasons of 2016, 2017 and 2018, and have continued our participation for 2019’s season too.


Every year, we participate in a couple of tournaments of this organization.


In the mid of this year, new Divisions will be announced for unlimited Players Per Team, and we’ll take part in one of them.

Vote Chess

We play a vote chess game every year! This is a learning process, also it creates a platform, where the members of our club can share their ideas, their experience and can show their playing style!

In House Tournament

This is an effort to provide a stage, where our club members come together, know each other closely and interact personally, while playing friendly chess games! If our current tournament ends this year; we’ll open the next immediately.

Fun Game

Every year, we get wonderful response in our fun games! Positive reaction always motivates! This year, we’re working on another exciting idea. And, if the work done, it’ll be played.

We select and design, as well as limit our projects, so that, we can enjoy them without any burden.

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