Team USA

3,444 Miyembro
Hul 27, 2009
629 Kaganapang Nilaro

Team USA exists to compete against other national teams in the World Leagues, which focus on Standard Daily and Chess960 Daily matches. We offer highly competitive chess in large team matches (200+ players) in the top division of the World Leagues, with the ultimate goal of claiming the world championship!

Team USA also competes in the Pan-American League (Standard Daily) and the Vote Chess World Cup. If your goal is to compete in Live Chess, you are encouraged to also join USChess, which competes in the Pan-American Live Chess League and the Live Chess World League. You may belong to both Team USA and USChess, if you wish.

In addition, both these clubs provide a competitive, yet warm, inviting, and respectful team environment based on our common love for the beautiful game of Chess. Come represent the land of the free and join the home of brave chess players who love the challenge of competitive team chess!

Note: to be accepted into Team USA, applicants must

  • Have a account at least 3 months old, OR have completed at least 10 rated daily games
  • Not already be a member of another World League team
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