The TopGifter Hilddea's Clubhouse ツ

3,354 Miyembro
Mar 26, 2013
250 Kaganapang Nilaro

Congratulation you have been chosen to be our member of The TopGifter Hilddea's Clubhouse ツ


You want to get membership ? don't be sad wink.png you will get the chance in this club to get free membership by joining this club and join our Gifted tournament and events we made.

Our club has many advantages if you join us :

1. Friendship, this our main value, We are here building friendships from all over the country, you will get many friends, not just "online friends" but friends who care about you. and you will get real friendship if our friendship becomes stronger and have good condition/situation whos know? We can meet in real life too


2. Playing daily and live chess tournament, with interesting rewards and have chance to get free membership too, we will make an events for it


3. Chatting and Share our stories, not just about chess, like cultures, experiences, family, anything you like as long that positive



3. Talk about music, share your favorite music and song, play music while playing chess, it's good, isn't it? make our mood feeling better,


4. You will get useful info about chess, like traps, tactics, and other useful info about chess



5. You will have professional admin, We always listen, understand and share anything to make things better. We always appreciate your constructive comments on the club's development!



⚠️ Requirements required to join the group - The TopGifter Hilddea's Clubhouse ツ

1. You must be a member of for at least three months.

2. Have played at least ten daily chess games online.

3. Your timeout outside the time is between 0 and 10% (TOs Time + that you need to be in the club owners friendlist - Hilddea - to become member here in this club.

Daily checks will be taken