Hun 15, 2017
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Join the Not-So PRO Bongcloud Chess League.
A league Similar to the Not-So Pro Blitz Chess League but you've got to play the Bongcloud wink.png

Discord - urm0m#6877

kogama - TP129

lichess -TP1234

FRAG - NobleElevator (sorry @nobleElevator wink.png

One of my best tournament finishes on another site 

The best logo I've made for a club 

If it wasn’t obvious I was TP1234

2 awesome swindles

I'll add some stuff here later

Inkscape showcase : 

1. Dice (yes ik.. I just do random stuff so don't mind me)

2. Transparent Capsule 

3. Random crying face

More to come... hopefully ( ._.)

People you I recommend you follow and check out their blogs (I think i got my grammar wrong there lol):



more to be added