Miyembrong Diamond

Going to be very inactive on weekdays but very active on weekends until school breaks

Other accounts: Lichess (Dragons23), ICC (Dragons23), Twitch (kWwWai kinda weird ngl but ok)

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@Komodo4 +4 (14 wins) has been adopted by me

Failed to adopt Komodo7

@happy0natsu has failed to adopt me(thrice), @Sep-Gol also failed

adopted by @rychessmaster1, @NobleElevator (10 secs, and in my defense I was on trackpad and my hand coordination was off that day tongue.png), @PeasantElevator (there's too many elevators ngl)

I play in NSPBuCL and will probably play in NSPCL and NSPBCL the coming seasons. I played as a short-term sub in CSL as well.

things to know about me: 

i like TOS and MM