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Hello Champions!

This is the official ChessMood account where you’ll see GM Hovhannes Gabuzyan or GM Avetik Grigoryan in action.

Here we play openings that we recommend in our ChessMood courses. 

Check out our full opening repertoire and all the courses here 👇

Also, we live-stream the games exclusively with our Pro members, showing them the ideas and the practical skills one needs to save tough positions, convert winning ones, etc.

On rare occasions, you might also see our GMs playing pranks on each other during the stream 😄 

You can become a Pro member to unlock all our courses, join our exclusive webinars and a lot more, including instant access to:

  • Over 300 hundred our of step-by-step courses on openings, middlegames, endgames
  • Member-only webinars on different chess topics, closed tournaments
  • A closed community of chess lovers and coaches
  • 1-1 welcome call with a GM to create a personalized training plan 

All of this will speed up your growth in chess.

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We strongly believe that staying happy influences the decisions one makes on the board.

Join us, and we will help you keep the Right Mood and play the Right Move!