Abr 14, 2012
Huling Nag-Online
Aug 17, 2016
Mga Tumingin
Mga Tagasunod
I am at highschool,studying. I learned the game when i saw my dad playing chessmaster 2nd edition. I play chess because it's my dream one day to become the highest rate player of my country( and later the whole world). They say dreams never come true, but I shall try my best:D. My favourite opening is King's Gambit. I have created a social club in my back yard where there is a table for people to bring their chess sets and play each other. I really like taking handicaps because they seems to add more fun to the game. I have never tried farther than a Knight odd because I really dunno how to avail his help too much. My favourite piece is the rook, because you dont get to play him too much, that is why I cherish the moments I have won the game with a rook or two. I have won 13 differnt school level trophy's but sadly, it has been kept by my highschool (CURSES!!!)... Anyways, I keep playing the game for the fun of it!