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Hello fellow chess players and welcome to my homepage, read on if you wish.

Bio: I am a very enthusiastic chess player and have been playing chess almost my whole life but only activley played in these late years, I won't say to much but I have plans to become part of and be a part of the chess twitch community and also possibly a coach, top blogger and a titled player, but that hasn't come yet so sorry to make you wait readers but you must.

Success: Ever since I started playing online I have had numerous success on online tournaments and in OTB tournamentsthese are those successes.


I have taken part in 2 federation tournaments coming 3rd in my first and 4th in my second.

I have also taken part in some organisation tournaments and have entered in a total of 11 for myself and for my school, 5 of those are on a national scale!


I have collected a total of 46 trophies on (from 9/24/2019) (not counting streamer tournaments)

Blitz          Bullet          Rapid          Other

1st : 2        1st : 1         1st : 4           1st : 1

2nd : 1       2nd :          2nd : 6          2nd : 1

3rd : 1       3rd :           3rd : 3           3rd : 1

Personal Clubs:

Dragon Destroyers: This is my largest of personal clubs at 215, we welcome anyone and take part in TMs and VCs (Sometimes) we have monthly news and weekly celebrations of active members.

Click the link above to join.

The Hotel Destroyer 5-StarThis is a recently created club of mine, it's purpose is for all my close friends to find a place to relax and just chill without the stress of losing chess games or admin or SA duties happy.png 

(Requirements to join)

You must have been a friend with me for over half a year.

Or unless you are one of the first 10 (8 left now) to join.

Or the use of bribary happy.png tongue.png

Click the link above to join.

Destroyer Club: This is my first ever personal club which was made by a close friend of mine, ever since this club has semi-died out but we have kept at a stable 50 members for almost 2 years now happy.png

Click the link above to join.


I personally like a lot of music but here are some ones that are great to listen too.

Those all are quite good songs happy.png


I have confirmed the idea and you can be expecting my channel and some videos to pop-up in 2020.

Twitch Streaming:

Not confirmed yet, but possibly in the years 2021-2023 you can already follow me here, see you there. Blog:

I plan to get going on my blog and getting out some educational posts out every month, expected late 2019-2020.

Some of my notable posts.

Thank you for checking this out and hope to see you in the future!