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hi guys,thanks for 350+ followers,plz help me reach 400+ 

i make educational chess content on my youtube channel click to view my channel

  • freelancer for free live tournaments and live team matches
  • Thanks @itude for gifting me the gift of chess 2 times monthly, always grateful. 


title players to which i won 

FM nikhil dixit - click to view the match

IM Bharath Subramaniyam - click to view the match

NM tpros - click to view the match


    • chesspawn.png i have a very small youtube channel where i make educational chess contenMy YouTube Channel
    • clubs.png i also have a very small club in which we have daily chess puzzles,team matches,vote chess and a weekly free chess newsletter My club
    • explorer.png i also make educational chess blogs on My Blogs
    • thumbup.png I am also a member of The Great minds club (a very nice club)


Q. Who am I ?

i am an enthusiastic chess player aged 12 and i have currently a fide rating of 1072 in Std. and 1038 in Rapid on October 2020.My name is Parth(the owner of the parth chess channel youtube)....If you want to Sponsor my blog or channel video,you can message me privately or can chat with me.give the gift of chess to me


Thanks for reading and viewing my profile.We can play a 5 min + 5 sec increment game if i am online.You can challenge me.Sorry if i would decline your daily game request because i am having too many games going on.

Q - I want to invite you to my club how can i ? 

you can invite me via chat but i have certain conditions 

  • You have to put my YouTube channel link in description of the club
  • Have to tell about my channel either by making a forum or news 
  • Join My club

Q - how can i sponsor your YouTube video? 

you can contact me at my gmail


thanks for reading this again.Bye for now happy.png