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Did Magnus Carlsen ever have a girlfriend ???

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    Well let's see, just about all women are attracted to social status and money so... you can bet he has a few girls at least. Then he probably has a few more when he travels. It's just life.

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    Magnus seems to be the type of guy who takes commitment in a relationship very seriously so now that he has a girlfriend he is probably looking forward to having a personal life away from the media spotlight and also someday hoping to have children and start a family. Although, he could just as easily stay single but still have attention from as many women as he could possibly want, traveling, partying, and pursuing the lifestyle of a celebrity. And unlike Fischer, he is quite intelligent, sophisticated, and socially well adjusted so even without all the money and status he would have no problems having a fulfilling love life in any way.

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    Good question.

  • #44

    I saw a picture of him with a girl in front of a midnight sun.  

  • #45

    cashcow8 wrote:

    he did but he sacrificed her.


    😹HAHA is that even a joke?
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    ps503nicole wrote:
    cashcow8 wrote:

    he did but he sacrificed her.


    😹HAHA is that even a joke?

    It's a pretty good one.

  • #47

    livat01 wrote:


    😈what did you write?hummm?
  • #48
    Whip_Kitten wrote:

     He might have a girlfriend, but he's in peril of becoming Hou Yifan's bitch.


    Hou_Yifan's_Bitch.  Magnus' chess.com username.

    I guess if you can't be nice at least you're funny.  tongue.png


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