Fellow Members, Let's Be Friendlier


Not much improvement so far  lol.

Oh I say ! 🙀..........that’s rather unfair, I think there’s been quite a lot of improvement !

I never had that problem.

WSama wrote:

I am a member of the official chesskid club, to which I'm sure we've all received an invite at a certain point in time. I was invited by Daniel Rensch himself, and thought myself special for a short while before a couple of other members thought aloud what I'd relished in private. But that is beside the point.


When I interacted with the youngsters of chesskid, I was reminded of the times I'd lost my temper with my opponents, and I felt a tinge of regret at that.

Let's be friendlier .com members. No more voodoo dolls with our opponent's names on them. No more insults in the game chats. No more name shaming.

Personally, I'm guilty of none of the above (just saying), but I could be friendlier nonetheless. We can be friendlier.

Igor want to hug everybody on chess.com. They can hug Igor and feel his hairy back.
Igor is a dentist nightmare ! 🙀

Hey, u could be nicer, @woolysock

(Me too😅😁)

This is a joke , for the less humorous people out there on the internet 


Funny how I see someone opining as if virtuous but demonstrated horrible behavior that compelled me to report the person.




Igor is cool, maybe more cool than many of us are ready for. wink.png


Igor himself is a dentist. wink.png

But what about his hairy back ! 🙀

I think chess.com is a great place, but each place has its bad apples and the more people in chess.com the more bad apples

SirikitS wrote:

Igor himself is a dentist.

yes, Igor always make sure the sewer rats teeth clean


Good post champ. Although I will note I am part of the species of Neanderthals that would say, gg ez if I beat you in a blitz game OTB.