5 Dubrovnik Sets Comparison

TheOneCalledMichael ha scritto:

For me a Dubrovnik set has to have broad base and not tapered one so that leaves 4 choices: House of Staunton, Official Staunton, Staunton Castle and of course Noj.

One note: House of Staunton 3.75" has two lines, the "budget" line that cost 219 USD and the top line which cost 359 USD. They're the same design wise except for the knights, the budget line is more unicorn like and less finely carved. Also the weighting is a lottery, if you're lucky you get a batch with consistent weights.

Staunton Castle will come out with different woods for their Dub line any time soon, so I'd suggest to wait to see what's that like. One wood for sure is rosewood, I think that will be a hit.

Edit: I didn't mentioned Thechessempire, although it has broad base but I don't like the knight.

Speaking about the knight, basically there are two version of knights, the classic one like OS and CS or the robust one like HoS. Noj has both, the 1950 version is classic one and the Minceta is the robust one. A matter of preference which one you like.

Thank you Michael, very useful and appreciated comment

sound67 ha scritto:

The CB 3.0 offers the best value for money. 

Noted, thanks sound


I think the best for the 1950 are 1) Noj Dubrovnik 1950 2) Gabriel Cross' reproduction and 3) Staunton Castle's Dubrovnik. You can see Gabriel Cross Dubrovnik here https://www.chess.com/article/view/top-5-historical-chess-set-designs.

I think the best for the Fischer-Dubrovnik is 1) Noj Minceta and 2) HoS Fischer Dubrovnik. The HoS Dubrovnik is here at Frank's site where he shows the original compared to his reproduction https://chessantiques.com/product/1960-fischer-dubrovnik-chessmen/


Very nice pictures.I hope you get much pleasure from those sets.I have a solution for your boredom-happy.png....Play a few games online.It becomes habit forming.

Btw,I have to admit,though C.B. had been quite inconsistent with me(all worked out after the stress associated...Argh).....Their Dubrovnik set was absolutely perfect and flawless.Probably the most perfect set I've gotten from them....No complaints.


after a few days of work and following your advice I have updated the design of the bishop and queen to suit the heights of the other pieces:

here the old design:

the update: lower bishop and queen and with wider bases

there is one mor player in the set :

I'm still not so proud about the knight so I'm trying a new ones

And finally a picture of what is in a psycopathic mind shock.png


Whoaaa nice! If I may say something, the knight's head is beautiful, the base just need to be close or as wide as the bishop. Then your set is finish!

Yep, the height of the bishop is perfect, you got a nice line now from pawn to king.


Yes! totally agree, I'm gonna change the entire knight and make the its base close to the bishop one.

jacmater wrote:

And finally a picture of what is in a psycopathic mind....

@jacmater   Woah, woah, woah. Full stop. In the photo of your "discard pile" — Please tell me,,, WHAT IS THIS?!  

I sincerely believe, photos of your scrap pile may be more interesting than 17% of the daily postings here. Haha. I'm kidding of course. No really. Seriously, I'll take it off your hands if you don't want it. Let me know if you have time to ship it. I'll gladly pay for postage. 


That's just beautiful! I think the new version of the queen and bishop are awesome. I agree with Michael's assessment. The base of the knight needs to be wider to match the rest of the pieces. The only issue I see are the bases. The bases remind me of a Cooke set where the bases are flattened as opposed to bulbous like a Dubrovnik set. I guess it depends upon what you are looking to make. If you just want an awesome variation of the Dubrovnik 1950 set then you hit the nail right on the head. If you want accuracy, then I think the bases need to be more bulbous. I think taller bases would work. Here is one of the original sets on Noj's website. It shows the bases are taller more bulbous. Sorry for using that word so much.


I saw he also made a bullbous version of the king, I guess he can go both ways for the final set. I saw indeed the bishop has more flattened base, just like the Noj 1950 version. Both versions are nice, can't go wrong either way.


I think the Noj set is not as flat as @Jacmater's set. At the same time, @Jacmater's set looks good. I agree you cannot go wrong either way. There lots of variations of this set it seems.


Beautiful work @jacmater. thumbup.png 


Thanks to everyone. My first goal was to make a reproduction of the original set with their bulbous bases 

but I could'nt find  any accurate information about it so I took a look to some pictures uploaded on the forum of SC version and I liked this version a lot as well as the bases a little more flat they have so I decided to make something similar. Now my goal is just to have a dubrovnik made by me. Maybe in the future I start my own version but for the time being I'm so busy.



@Jacmater The one you just posted looks good too. I think the last version you posted in #106 is a good one as well.


They look great to me. If you need a product tester let me know. I'm here for you,  lol.