A Bevy of BCE Stage 1 Eastern & Western style Blitz sets from Ifekali and Noj.


Yes it is. I can finally buy something from them after I read a review about it.



There will be a few new colors added to my bounty of BCE Stage 1 Blitz 3D printed sets and one brand new version of the Dubrovnik printed from STL files found on the Thingverse website from Ifekali. One set the transparent red will rotate with other previous sets I already obtained from Ifekali.

It will be a colorful way to play blitz games going forward.

The new BCE colors are;

1 half BCE Stage 1 Eastern Blitz style Transparent Red PLA set with Pure White ball finials for the bishops - Black Felts
2 Pure White Bishops with Transparent Red-ball finials- Red Felts
2 Transparent Red Bishops with Ultramarine Blue-ball finials-Blue Felts
2 Ultramarine Bishops with Transparent Red-ball finials-Red felts
2 Transparent Red Bishops with Black-ball finials-Black Felts
2 Black Bishops with Transparent Red-ball finials-Red Felts
1 Dubrovnik set (Thingverse Edition) with Padauk and Light Wood PLA with matching opposite-colored ball finials and Black Felts
BCE Stage 1 Eastern Blitz style in Lime Green and Silky Black PLA filament with matching opposite-colored ball bishop finials & Black  Felts.
2 Transparent Red Bishops with Lime Green ball finials-Black Felts
2 Lime Green Bishops with Transparent Red Bell finials-Black Felts
Here's an image of the work being done by Izmet's printer. The new Dubrovnik padauk wood color is really cool looking!

I plan to gift some of these blitz sets to family members for the holidays.



I think I may be a distant relative.


That's a good one!

magictwanger wrote:

I think I may be a distant relative.

Well, I would be a closer relative then.  His first name is Jorge and my last name is Suarez.  Oh yeah, and red is my favorite color 😏


You guys kill me! LOL!


Seriously, these sets are really nice.  The colors and finish make for some very nice sets.  Enjoy, my friend.


Thank you Ron I must admit the transparent PLA filaments are really catching my eye of late.

Take a look at these new offering that the company Prusa is now selling.

  Red Hood Transparent


Green transparent


...and Morning Sun transparent, all great resolution colors when printed out!

It looks like I have to speak to Izmet about these as well. "As much as I try to get out, they keep pulling me back in!"


Well, you are in NYC after all.  Watch out for the helicopter.


Yes and glass ceilings!