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Anri Universum set

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    Hi - I have a carved wooden Anri Universum set in carry case for sale. Anyone interested please contact me at roughton19@aol.com

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    andyroughton wrote:

    Hi - I have a carved wooden Anri Universum set in carry case for sale. Anyone interested please contact me at roughton19@aol.com


    I know that andyroughton sold already his chess set.

    I have also a Universum Chess set for sale. Anyone interested please contact me at joaogbranco@netcabo.pt

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    It's a great Set!!

    I have already sold it out too

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    ANRI sets are very nice, I learned how to play chess in the early 70s in Europe on a King Arthur chess set and it was gorgeous, I always wonder what happened to it (it was a friend of mine's) I've never seen one like it (the black rook windows for example were painted as lit, but in all online ANRI pics I found they weren't) and now that I live in Canada the odds of finding one are pretty low!

    This webpage has a lot of very nice pictures of ANRI chess sets


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    New to the forum....sorry to be jumping eight in with a question. 

    I have the deluxe universum set in the wallnut box with the 4.5" king-but just purchased a set of universum pieces where King is 10" large and pawns @ 4.5".  Haven't been able to find another anywhere.  Anybody know anything about this larger set?  Any info greatly appreciated

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    For anyone who might be interested...links to some pics of the GIANT universum set I just received.  That is an x-tra large egg atop the white King.





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    I have a boxed Anri spaceage universum set for sale if anyone is interested send me an email at jonathan.slinn@sky.com



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    I have a Anri universum chess set for sale. It is in great shape. If interested please email me at dariosaucedo608@hotmail.com

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    I have a universum spaceage delux set that I would be interested in selling. How can I find out what it is worth? Thank you for any help!

    I still have this set and would appreciate any information on what they are worth, Thank's!

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    Hello Everyone:

    I have a Universum Anri Chess Set for sale in our Etsy shop. Here is the link:


    Please contact us at padealan@live.com if you are interested. Or, if you have an Etsy account, you can contact us via email there. This set has original seals and leaflet - all in beautiful condition!



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