Best Free Chess App. for Android


you should really spend a few units of your local currency and get Shredder for android phones


you really should spend a few units of your national currency and get Shredder on your phone


iChess is by far my favorite android app. I believe there's a free version and the full version costs little. I use it heavily on both my phone & tablet. It comes with three puzzle files . I've made my own pgn files containing almost 800 positions, some from my own games. 


Chess for Android. Supports the Certabo electronic chess board.


If you have a Certabo board then get the Certabodroid app.


I think the app is excellent, but does anyone know where in the android app can you face the bots? I can only see the vs Computer with 25 levels of opposition, no adaptive bots.


ooooeeeeooeeoe is the best place


there are several other on playstore or appstore u can find it thanks @ooooeeeeooeeoe


lichess. enough said