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Chess diagram creator/editor

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    I'm looking for a free download of a chess diagram creator or editor. I've Googled (well, Yahoo'd) several sites, but they aren't working. The program downloads, but won't run, or other problems. (I admit the problem may be my computer, since I've downloaded a couple of these before on another computer with no problems.) I would like to have a program that I can make a .jpg of the diagrams to use on our scholastic chess Facebook page. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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     Why not just use chess.com, setup the board and take a screenshot, then crop.

    Or are you looking for more than just the board diagram?

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    Here is one I just made with chess.com and MSPaint.



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    Some online tools are pretty good, e.g.:



    The second one has a lot more options, including the Linares style of pieces which would be my preference.

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    see the tools menu...


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    Lucas Chess is really good for this.  Just hit Alt+I (the letter, not the number) on any board screen.  Great program anyway.

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    Another vote for Lucas Chess

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    Thanks for all the ideas. I thought that chess.com had something, but don't know where to find it. Any help on that? Thanks!


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     Never mind -- found it under "Analysis." I'll look into the others, too!



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