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Chess maze books etc.

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    Do these "games" help your board vision? Such as:. Bruce Alberston books-Chess Mazes. Solitaire Chess (app and board game). BC Take (app by Maurice Ashley where you have to capture all of the opponents pieces that are on the board with every move you make.). Or are they just fun chess related diversions?.
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    Just took a look at http://www.chesscafe.com/mazes/mazesintro.htm to get the idea of chess mazes in general. My first impression is that it would be more beneficial to solve tactics problems available either here on chess.com or on chesstempo. More relevant to the game itself, IMO.

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    I agree Crazy. I asked the same question to Dan Heisman and he said the Alberston books would help improve "board vision". He also said you get the most benefit from thing you enjoy doing so if your having fun to go ahead and do it. When it becomes not so fun your beneficial return decline


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