chess move recorder


Chess moves recorder.

As someone made an application for ipod touch yet ? sound like a good idea to me


I'd be surprised if they let the iPod Touch into the playing area, which would surely make such an app redundant?


At our chess club I will try to use my IPod Touch with TCHESS Pro App. loaded, you can disable the computer and other goodies and it is basically a chess move recorder it required less effort and it is very accurate might be OK for games you would like to analyze later.


I wish that the USCF would allow some *cheap* little machine in the playing area to record moves.  As far as I know only the ridiculously over-priced Monroi PCMs are allowed. Imagine the same interface as the Monroi to enter the moves, and then a mini-USB slot to download all the PGNs (simple text files) into a computer, that's it.  I would love to get a couple of those...


You would think that Monroi or someone else could come up with an App. even if it was to be used at local club only something that would record only and have the hability to transmit which is already on the Itouch or Iphone for less than $300.


the reason they allow the monroi is because they KNOW it can't cheat. but an iphone CAN cheat with other apps. how would you limit people to just using the one app?


Are people really so lazy that they cant write their own moves down anymore ?!!  Surprised


I don't get this at all... why spend loads of money on a chess move recording device? Have both your hands been cut off?

It already works like this:

1. Make move

2. Write move down on score-sheet

No fuss, beeping noises or accusations of cheating.


If the push to paperless is to continue in chess as it seems to be in the real world, then yes some cheap and USCF/FIDE approved device that records moves seems inevitable. Make it reliable, foolproof, and cheap though. Otherwise don't bother.

PrawnEatsPrawn wrote:

I don't get this at all... why spend loads of money on a chess move recording device? Have both your hands been cut off?

No, but it is a pain to then have to-reenter it all into a computer for analysis.  I track and analyze the performance of three players and it is a royal pain in the butt to have to enter their games into my laptop during tournaments when simply dumping the PGN text file into a hard drive would take me only 10 secs.

Yeah, I agree the utility in the Mon Roi PCM is being able to upload the data quickly to a home computer. It's faster than writing easier to carry around than a pad, pen, & paper. Finally, being able to go over your game graphically (no matter where you are) is another big plus. It is overpriced though...until a competitor enters the market with a similar device.

Thirteen months later (around eight tournaments in two countries) and I have yet to see one of these devices in the flesh. Another flash in the pan? or are only Americans wealthy enough to waste money so senselessly?

Tibeau wrote:

Chess moves recorder.

As someone made an application for ipod touch yet ? sound like a good idea to me

Heres an idea...pen and score sheet.  Problem solved.


A new free app on the Google Android phones does the trick. If I were Monroi, I would be more than concerned...

Reb wrote:

Are people really so lazy that they cant write their own moves down anymore ?!! 

 Some of us get our notation wrong.  It's good to have a cheap move recorder that is able to record moves.


There is an app for Android called ychess which disables all other functions of the phone when used as a move recorder.   The iPhone and iPad have Chess-Scoresheet.   This is the future of chess, because of the great appeal to young players, unless chess politics prohibit it.

An interesting thread about the Chess-Scoresheet program at:


As the father of a young enthusiastic player, who started to play before he could read let alone write, this would be very useful.  Right now we use chess as a motivation to use writing, but this is not optimal for tournament play.  In addition, is there any sincere doubt about the overwhelming utility of digital recording especially for young players who otherwise will learn much more slowly from reviewing their own games.  Plycount is offering a device that does not transmit the data live as the monroi device does, but it is only a little cheaper and not yet USCF or FIDE approved. Good to know about the android work around thanks for that.  One other thing, as children now learn chess on computers with the pieces presented in a 2-D picture format, it is much easier for them to visualize the game and "see the board," if they have it in screen format as well as pieces on the board.  When we play my child will ask me to record on exachess along side (we hide the probabilities) so they can see the game that way too.  Maybe the future of the game is electronic boards, with automatic recording.  Maybe.


Please USCF, only pen and paper. I played a bunch of kids a few years ago and they all had those MonRoi things. I kept thinking that they were cheating and it totally threw off my focus. Afterwards, I looked up the MonRoi and saw that it isn't a PDA and in theory can't be used to cheat, but that doesn't address my paranoia. I wish that you could still smoke inside, I would've been smoking a maduro and blowing its smoke into the innocent eyes of all those 7 year olds with their MonRoi's. They are annoying. It is like when you go out to dinner with friends and everyone is texting or facebooking on their Blackberries and iPhones and not interacting with the people sitting at the table.

I hope the USCF bans all this distracting stuff, but mandates smoking and coffee at all sanctioned tournaments.


I am looking into a device to record moves for someone with cerebral palsy who cannot write. He also has some visual limitations. The one device I saw online required a stylus and was small and could be hard to see. Any recommendations? Thanks!


ibetron: One option that may help is "Chess Score Pad Tournament Edition". It is not sanctioned by USCF like the Monroi, but is allowable at the descretion of the tournament director (TD), and is available on the iPad as well as other iO/S devices. As far as I can tell, it is not available for Android.