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Chess Piece Boxes

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    I am working on building some chess piece boxes and I just wanted to see what people on this forum like the best.  I know it will probably depend on the quality of the chess pieces but do you prefer all of your pieces to stand up right in the box with minimal room to move around or do you tend to just gather your pieces in the box, not caring if they stand upright or lay on their sides?  Do you like spacers to separate the light and dark pieces?  Or do you like having each individual piece separated?


    I want to start producing more high quality chess piece boxes but it is a little difficult starting because their is such a wide variety in sizes and preferences.  I would greatly appreciate any feedback or any thoughts on the subject! 



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    Hi Brad I would model the size of the chess box after what is on the market. Generally 2 sizes one to fit 4.4" sets and one to fit 4" and below. Theses seem to be popular.

    If you want to target one I would start with the 4.4" You have to make sure there is enough inside room so the tallest piece, the king can stand up if someone wants that. I generally stand up most of my major pieces then usually lay my pawns on top of all else. 

    If one is so fussy they never want the pieces to touch then a normal chess box is not for them, they must use a a box that is called a "fitted coffer" where each piece has its own place. I personally am not interested in something like that. I like a good looking box be it veneer or solid wood, lined with heavy felt that has a secure latch. no matter if it is a magnet or key lock or something else. 

    Have to run I am sure many people can ad much to this thread. But mainly look what is out there. 

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    I, personally, like to:

    a) separate the white and black pieces

    b) Have them all stand up with little room to move

    c) I do not care about separate spaces for each piece


    And, as Mike says above, a secure latch.

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    If you have room to stand up all 17 pieces each side with the extra queen it will be a very large box.  But Brad can probably have some insight on that and the cost difference. 

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    If you want to maximize sales make the box with the features that are most desirable for the most people....

    Chess pieces should lie on their sides - for greatest stability - i.e., the pieces are less likely to rattle around if they are laying on their sides.  The less the pieces are able to freely move around the less likely they will be to get damaged.  Pieces laying on their sides also allow for the smallest box form factor (i.e., volume) to accommodate a given number of pieces.  Have separate compartments and/or use felt on the inside to protect the (especially more highly valued) pieces from getting scratched/scuffed/chipped/nicked etc.  Make sure the box can accommodate a set with, at least, 4-inch King.

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    I agree Russ. I Also think maybe two different sizes one to accommodate 4.4" and the other for 4" and below.  You still get some movement of pieces rubbing against each other on each side but I can handle that because a set is to be enjoyed and played with. Not going to show nicks unless you are rough with it.  Most boxes are made of veneer. I think Brad has some fine solid wood boxes in store for us. I wish him well and will buy one I hope. 

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    My personal opinion is I am totally uninterested in a box that doesn't secure the pieces completely and separately from each other so that they can't rattle around and bump into each other or the box.  If they are going to be loose and rattle around, I'll just put them in a bag.  Ideally, I would want protective foam or something separating each piece.

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    Thank you all for the feedback.  I think I am going to look into having two different style of boxes, one to store pieces vertically and than another to store pieces horizontally with individual slots.   I started building the vertical storage boxes.  I am pretty happy with the results but from reading all of your feedback I think I will need to include a spacer and some type of felting.  


    I also don't think the dimensions works real well for this box, too much space.  Still have some kinks to workout but hopefully I will have it down to a science soon.  Thanks again for the feedback and anymore would still be appreciated!



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    Some chess box themes that are popular.  These are appropriate for storage of quality pieces whose cosmetics one wishes to preserve.  People are less likely to buy a nice, protective wood box to preserve their plastic club/tournament pieces, for obvious reasons.





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    This may be a stupid questions but is there a set diameter for a pawn for a 4.4" set and for a 4" set?  That would help me determine some dimensioning.

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    bborkowski wrote:

    This may be a stupid questions but is there a set diameter for a pawn for a 4.4" set and for a 4" set?  That would help me determine some dimensioning.

    Certainly the size of all the pieces will vary and increase with King height.  But not necessarily to a "standard".

    The following thread is probably the best discussion and information relating to this topic that I have seen on the site...


    subscriber @loubalch has obviously thought about the issue quite a bit and has provided some helpful info...

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    Great!  Thank you very much for the source.


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