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Chessx opening tree

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    Does anyone here know how to use the opening tree in Chessx? I've built a fair sized database (130,000 games), and I'd like to view the opening tree, but when I open the opening tree window it shows nothing. I cannot figure out what the problem is.


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    It works for me, try using a recent build from www.box.com/chessx which is built from the latest source, the builds on the main site are pretty old. Otherwise try a different/smaller database and see if maybe your database might be at fault. If that is the case post a bug on the chessx web site with a copy of the database.

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    Ok, I'll try using a different database. I do have the most recent build from box.com; I just downloaded it a few days ago.

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    I just tried a database from ICOfY with 133000 games and the opening tree took about a minute to load after the database was loaded. Eventually the goal is to have native file formats which load far faster. In the mean time we should probably have a status message telling the user the tree is still loading like we have with the database. I suspect your problem might be just that the opening tree hadn't finished processing yet. I will look at the Opening tree code when I get time next week and see how it can be optimized. Right now it is so slow that isn't really usable for large databases. Thanks a lot for your feedback. The more feedback we get the better we can make the tool.


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