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Dead Chronos Clock

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    ipcress12 wrote:

    I'd be curious to know what's going on behind the scenes at Chronos but don't expect to find out. There's probably an interesting story.

    I'm just speculating but the impression I got was that Sam Kantimathi (the owner) just doesn't care all that much about chess clocks. Chronos seems mostly an afterthought to his real interest, namely servicing scrabble players w/ scrabble timers and various other accessories. Offering some of his older scrabble timer models to chess players under the chronos brand at best always seems to have been a neglected side venture for them.

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    ipcress12 wrote:

    For those willing to play Chronos roulette, here's one currently for sale at The Chess Store for $149 w/ free shipping in honor of Father's Day.


    I'll pass.  I've grown fond of the DGT North American.

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    In all fairness, when Sam couldn't fix my clock the fourth time I sent it in, he gave me a full refund.


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    Never paid a repair fee as it was under warranty. Just reimbursed me for the clock.

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    No. I got a ZMF.

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    Maybe you guys have been sending your clocks to the wrong place?

    I sent my dead chronos clock directly to the P.O. Box listed in the back of the Chronos User's Guide - DCI P.O. Box 390741 Mountain View, CA 94039. The clock has been repaired and has been operating flawlessly for the last several months.

    The guys at DCI seem to have located the issue and are addressing it. They wrote a note to me with my repaired clock asking me to let other members who are experiencing this same issue to turn in their clocks for repair at no cost. No paper work is required and they said there must be no user damage.

    It seems like they are getting their act together. Spread the word to anyone who has experienced a dead chronos clock so they can have their clocks fixed!


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