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Ever seen this chess set?

  • #1

    I purchased this amazing chess set in an antiques market in Switzerland yesterday. I didn't find any similar set in my books or in the internet. Perhaps you saw it already somewhere? I am interested in any information: age, origin, price.



  • #2

    Looks like India, 2nd half of the 20th century, not worth much because ivory regulations have become more strict.

  • #3
    I am not sure if it is ivory. it seems bone.
  • #4

    It seems to be either ivory or faux ivory from your picture and it would be pretty surprising if this kind of set were faux ivory.

  • #5

    Yeah, I have to show it to a specialist.

  • #6

    If you zoom your picture up it's pretty clear, on (ironically, the elephant), next to the royal pieces... you can see schreger lines running vertically down the piece. I don't really see them cross each other, so I won't discount the possibility this could be something like plastic made in layers to fake them, or really I suppose even bone with schreger lines painted on to it is possible even if they did cross, but I think it would be very weird if someone faked this kind of set, so I feel reasonably sure it's ivory. Nothing wrong with asking a specialist either.


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