Evoloution of The Sniper - The Sniper Reloaded 2014


The Evolution of ‘The Sniper’ by FM Charlie Storey. Smile

After reading this article All Sniper educational materials may be viewed here Sniper Education for 2014.

The Chess Sniper downloads can be downloaded immediately from the in line textual story of The Sniper’s evolution. (Paypal only – Its safest!)
FIDE Master Charlie created ‘The Sniper Chess Opening’ in 2009 and was asked to write a book for the publishing house - Everyman Chess.

The book was astoundingly pioneering in so much as a new openings had never been created in the 21 st Century and finding one to be accepted by the chess community, was thought of as impossible, however, The Sniper had different ideas.

Charlie promoted The Sniper in many Internet Portals to aid understanding of what ‘The Sniper’ is and to increase its own awareness within the chess community.

The Sniper (2010) was originally Black playing 1…g6 2…Bg7 3…c5 against almost anything Black Played.

The Sniper Six Pack Master Pack DVD production was created in 2011 by Charlie and it sold all over The World and The Sniper is now a house hold name to all good chess players within the chess community in countries all over the world! Disk 2/6 Disk 3/6 Disk 4/6 Disk 5/6 Disk 6/6 can all be Immediate downloaded here

The DVD Master Pack was special in so much as Charlie researched the entire DVD production process and created the entire production himself – every aspect of its production was done from research – planning – content – production – promotion – sales – A truly unique and ground breaking approach in to chess production – Charlie then created a Sniper Immediate Downloads site where chess players could immediately download the DVD but in an .avi format that plays on Windows players and all computers.

After the incredible success of The Black Sniper Charlie was approached by Foxy Video to create ‘The White Sniper’ for the FOXY Opening series and ‘The White Sniper’ – White plays 1.g3 2.Bg2 3.c4 against nearly anything Black does! this was developed (with training materials) in tandem with The Black Sniper – To test ‘The Snipers’ practical virtues Charlie played both The White Sniper and Black Sniper in every round of the 7 Round Northumberland Championship called ‘The Zollner’ and won with 7/7 a remarkable 100% achievement and a 240+ ECF Rating performance!

Following on from ‘The White Sniper Foxy Video ‘ Charlie created 2 important White Sniper educational materials;

The White Sniper Manual – as a .PDF download or as a Physical book – Charlie’s format was to have a very diagram intensive book that explained the opening with pictures rather than words with diagrams at moves 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20. the pioneering effect of this meant the whole area of the opening to middle game transition could be learned without a chess board for the average player

‘The White Sniper 6 Pack DVD Grandmaster Pack‘ – once again creating the entire production himself – every aspect of its production was done himself; from research – planning – content – production – promotion – sales – and of course creating it as a download option. Disk 2/6 Disk 3/6 Disk 4/6 Disk 5/6 Disk 6/6 can all be Immediate downloaded here

After The White Sniper and The Black Sniper had been created Charlie took a well earned 2 year rest and sat back and watched as the chess community attempted to ‘bust’ many variations of The Sniper and some players, using their super computer engines, did manage to do bust a few of the lines. Eventually Charlie, like a good gardener had to prune and remove ‘the busted variation lines’ that had not stood the test of time and in response created;

the 500+ .pdf update of The Sniper called ‘The Sniper Reloaded 2014′ and also created the Chessbase version of it called The Sniper Reloaded 2014 (Chessbase Version) which has all of the Sniper Reloaded 2014 games in Chessbase format. The Sniper Reloaded 2014 has all fixes and updates to make a fantastic Sniper repertoire that will stand up to ‘super computer engine critique’ and in addition has fantastic practical value with extreme winning chances.

The Sniper Reloaded 2014.pdf

The Sniper Reloaded 2014 Chessbase Version

As the Black Sniper and The White Sniper are being developed in tandem the next item to be developed was The White Sniper Reloaded 2015 was borne and this was harder to produce as no one could bust any of the original White Sniper Manual, however, Charlie wanted to make ‘the best possible quantum repertoire for White’ that can be based upon a Sniper Structure and created The White Sniper Reloaded 2015 using super computer technology and latest grandmaster games all of which were wins for White and played by a strong Grandmaster. In conjunction with this Fully developed repertoire Charlie realized due to other Levels of Courses he had created in the recent past he was ready to complete his entire 4 levels of Beginner – GrandMaster Video Course and created GrandMasterVideoCourse.com which broke chess education down into 4 Levels;

1. Level 1 – The National Chess Syllabus – This is a Kids ‘grass root’ system used in my school class rooms and to new 1-1 students.

2. Level 2 – Advanced Tactics course and a look at all chess openings and at all different types of basic to advanced chess strategy.

3. level 3 – The Sniper Repertoire – Using all Sniper materials to become a Master in Tactics, Strategy and Endgames in The Sniper for both Black and White (Different openings can be used here but the Sniper is the fastest to attain FIDE Master status.)

Level 4 – At this stage ‘The Sniper’ becomes a backup option with the knowledge gained useful in both playing and defending against The Sniper and The Sniper Reloaded 2014. A new opening repertoire is also developed with a supporting World Class Coach to fit the players style. The opening is deeply’ quantum and theoretically’ based with many secret Master training techniques implemented - the best UK under 11 (based on him recently winning the England Squad’s 2014 Elite All-Play-All Tournament) is currently testing this Level 4 System with FM Charlie Storey as his Coach / Mentor.

Looking to the future I have been recruited by OnlineChessLessons.NET ( I would also be happy to work with Chess.com)  to work for them on many areas of their DVD production and my own creative goals are to continue developing all 4 levels at GrandMasterVideoCourse.com and developing The WordPress website in partnership with my Chess Academy in Morpeth – based at The Waterford Lodge. As for The Sniper my next exciting project is nearly finished;

1. 24 Hours of DVD on The BLACK Sniper Reloaded 2014 – Also available as a download - Due July 2014

2. 24 Hours of DVD on The WHITE Sniper Reloaded 2014 – Also available as a download – Due July 2014

I am open to intelligent critique on The Sniper but please no trolling or abuse -  it does not help anyone including yourself as I am more than capable of defending myself intellectually and if necessary legally. I am trained legally in this area.

Thanks for reading ‘The Evolution of The Sniper’ by FM Charlie Storey. Smile


Charlie when is a updated book coming out on the Snipers!!!!!??

RJ-Action wrote:

Charlie when is a updated book coming out on the Snipers!!!!!??

I would expect one as soon as g7 becomes a light square.


So it's free for people who already have your first book right?


Anyone else think of a recent movie when you saw the title?




Hi Guys,

Sorry about not responding to comments here - I have just spent a year completing my PGCE in Computer Science at King's College London. Pleased to report I passed (top of the class!). It was an incredibly intensive year but I am now ready to defend The Sniper again!


I have 10 copies left of my 584 page a4 Masterpiece  The Sniper Reloaded 2014 - This is the update of my 2011 classic The Sniper published by Everyman Chess. The book is not cheap though £60 plus shipping - then again it is 584 pages and all in a4 - very diagram intensive.

Contact me if you want a copy - shipping will likely be another £20 as it is very large.


Would an e-book version be a cost-effective alternative?


I am working on 'Sniper Revoloutions 2016'....Should be available February 2016.   Black's best moves and busts in all key variations.


Is this going to be a book or an ebook.


Hey Charles, should i repeat my earlier question?   i dont think i should have to purchase something that i already have, just for an updated version.


How much does it cost and where can I get it?


Sell Files Online, Sell Downloadable Software, Sell Music, Digital Goods

Here is the linkk for all of my Sniper materials. I am currently working on my New Sniper Book which will be available in 2017.



Well said sir, I feel the same way.  I put the same point to Apple when the latest iPhone came out.  They weren’t having it though - told me to take my iPhone 4 and get lost...   ...people, eh?!