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Actually I am working on Murray Chandler book "chess puzzle for kid" A very good book where the tactical motif are classified by theme (sacrifice on g6, e6, etc...)

Guys do you know.others books where the tactical theme is classified by square or.piece line up. Thxs


Try before you buy. Download the "Forward Chess" app on your phone or tablet. Download a sample for each book that seems to be a fit for your needs. "Chess Studio" is another app that sells the interactive books by Gambit Publications but they do not offer samples of each book. If you need more information about these interactive book apps, read more here:




Thxs for the reply

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Thxs for the reply

You're welcome.

"Chess Studio" app has all the Murray Chandler chess books in interactive format buuuut they don't offer samples of each book. Open the sampler packs that they give as a tutorial so that you can see if you like the formatting of their app. You can find a sample of the content elsewhere such as  Amazon's "Look Inside" feature. If you like the content and see the value of studying in interactive chess book format, then it's not a risk anymore.

Enjoy the research and happy shopping!

Ward Farnsworth’s Predator at the Chessboard 1 and 2 is good.

Susan Polgar’s Chess Tactics for Champions is good.

The Chess King app entitles CT-Art 1400-1600 has categories of tactics grouped by clearing a particular files, clearing a diagonal, clearing a rank, or clearing a critical square.

5334 Chess Problems by Laszlo Polgar has 600 miniature games based on the primary square of the castled enemy king that gets attacked (f2/f7, g2/g7, h2/h7, f3/f6, g3/g6, and h3/h6).

Whatever book/software, do this:


Predator at the Chessboard is available online.  I believe it was produced as an online tactics tutorial before it became a book.



Consider the series of tactical puzzle books by E.A. Furst, his "Artistry" series.  In particular Theme Artistry.  There are five volumes in the series that I am aware of, the other four being Middlegame Artistry, Endgame Artistry, Checkmate Artistry and Pawn Artistry...

They are all written in descriptive notation but the tactical puzzles are organized by theme....all of the books are written, published in exactly the same format....I think they are all excellent.

Theme Artistry...

Middlegame Artistry...

Checkmate Artistry...

Pawn Artistry...

Endgame Artistry...

I have not been able to locate an electronic or pdf copy of Endgame Artistry or Pawn Artistry.