Help me get a nice chess set/board :)


So  I've been wanting to get a nice set for the home and hear a lot about the HOS players series and the Fischer/Spassky which is on sale and boards from JLP/Coloradowoodworker/Ferrer

Edit: I seem to have a quiet preference for the Dubrovnik design

Could you guys help me pick one which would be just about the endgame for my budget?

Or any worthwhile suggestions to consider


Budget 500 or less

I'll go with the 3.75 king and 2.25 squares assuming that's ideal depending on the choices made.

Edit : Brown dark pieces ( or black if it is standard )

I'm from Singapore but I travel often around the world.


Thank you so much


500 USD or 500 SGD?



jazzfish74 hat geschrieben:

So  I've been wanting to get a nice set for the home and hear a lot about the HOS players series and the Fischer/Spassky which is on sale and boards from JLP/Coloradowoodworker/drueke

Within that product/budget frame there's a myriad of options. You should first decide which style of pieces you really like, that's IMHO where the better part of your budget should go. 


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you make a gd point. I think after looking at various designs, I think I like the Dubrovnik design most


If you don't mind a slightly different carved Dubrovnik. I would suggest House of Staunton's Dubrovnik.

With a $500 budget. You shouldn't have a problem with getting both under or within that number.


Some relevant forum threads on the topic.....note that @cgrau and @Eyechess (among many others) are particularly knowledgeable about a wide variety of chess sets as they are avid chess set collectors and active posters in the Chess Books & Equipment forums...

The following is beautiful Staunton design set, particularly the exquisitely carved knight...pricey and limited edition, but worth it, I think...Dennis Petersen's Alegria Pro Line set, ebony & boxwood...

Note finally - if you go with a (very reasonably priced, and very good quality) ColoradoWoodWorker solid wood board, you will have more left over to spend on higher quality chess pieces!)...


Dubrovnik in Bud Rosewood and Boxwood and Red Ash Burl Maple Board
Dubrovnik in Rosewood and Boxwood and Rosewood Maple Board 


I recently got this Staunton Castle Dubrovnik copy. It is larger than the original and weighted. But the knights are really well done. And it has an "antiqued" look I really like.


If you like the 1950 Original Dubrovnik design then I would suggest Staunton Castle.  If you do not want the antique process added, you can request the pieces to not have that done.  In your budget, that does fit nicely.

If you want a later version of the Dubrovnik, like the one you see pictured with Bobby Fischer so often, then Noj would be the best reproduction.  Yes, this is over your budget, but not excessively so when considering you will have the set for years of use.

The House of Staunton Dubrovnik version seems to be the next best accepted by most on this forum over the last 5 years or so.

The problem with the Chess Bazaar Dubrovnik, even their 2.0 version, is that some of their design points are really quite far off as a reproduction.

Just rely on your own judgement to choose the best board and set.

Wow, what a crackpot!


Go with what you like best . You can snag a real nice set and a Dureke board for way less than 500..


HOS black Friday is on.

So I might look closely at the players set.

Golden rosewood vs ebonized

I kinda like the color scheme of the DGT sets that are being played currently.

What's the quality like for these sets( non electronic set for me)