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I bought some common chess books and i was wondering how advanced they are.

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    On chess.com i am always somewhere between 1180-1350 but i think i am a higher player then that. in real life im a 1300. Are these books good for me or too advanced? any comments? 

    Think like a grandmaster- ALexander Kotov

    Fischer- 60 most memorable games

    Understanding chess move by move- John Nunn

    Improve your chess now- Tisdall

    Attacking chess (1995)- Josh Waitz

    The art of logical thinking- Neil Mcdonald

    Final theory of chess

    Casablnaca- chess fundamentals- read it, it wasent great

    Edward Lasker chess strategy

    Art of the middle game - keres

    Essential chess lessons- Steve Giddons

    Art of attack in chess-vladimir vukovic

    Silamns complete endgame course

    amateur mind, reassasse your chess 3 and 4 

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    You have quite a nice selection covering a wide range of chess topics at different levels.

    Given the rating you cited, I would start with the Silman books, especially the endings. Endgame study, unlike opening theory, never goes out of style, and will repay itself many, many times.

    Like the last poster, I give the McDonald book high marks.

    Other players may throw stones at me, but the kotov book is overrated. On teh flip side, the Tisdall book is incredibly good.

    Some of the books may be "over your head" in terms of rating, but unless you experience extreme frustration reading them, I think exposure to them is not a bad thing. You can always set them a side, come back to them and see what now makes sense.


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