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In what order does Silman say to read his books?

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    I have seen the order Heisman says to read Silman's books. He got that a long time back from a letter from Silman (I think.)  It does not include his Endgame book (which some say you should start with) and it does not include his book called "The Complete Strategy Book."  (And I'm not sure Heisman includes the workbook for Reassess Your Chess.)

    So in what order do YOU think Silman's books should be read? What order does Silman now say?

    I just ordered a second hand copy of his Complete Strategy Book. I have no idea how good it is, but I'm taking a chance.

    So, what order for a 1000-2000 player? For a more advanced player?

    I know he is considered a chess "life changing" writer, and I no longer want to put off reading him.

    Would like your thoughts.


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    From my point of view, I considere it is  best to start with "The Amateur Mind", especially if you don't know much about strategy. Then comes "How to reassess your chess" followed by its "Work book" These two books are for more advanced players!

    The Endgame book is somewhat special as chapters are designed to correspond to your Elo. To make things clear, you should read chapters about simple endgames when your elo is low, drop the book for few months and get back to next chapters once  your chess skill has improved quite a bit!


    The "Complete Strategy" book is more a dictionary on chess strategy seen through Silman'eyes than anything else! It compiles every idea Silman has developed in his other books!

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    I just got the Complete Strategy  book in the mail. It looks really good, but it takes a lot of discipline to work through it.

    I think I will just sneak back to the Complete Idiot's Guide and let Silman alone for awhile.


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    From the author himself (via Dan Heisman's webpage):

    "My recommended order (though all stand alone):

    1) Read Reassess Your Chess through page 52. Then put it away! 
    2) Read all of The Amateur's Mind. 
    3) Read the rest of How to Reassess Your Chess. 
    4) Read The Workbook. 
    And yes, you have to start people out with tactics and the basic mates else they will get shredded instantly.”

    - IM Jeremy Silman in an e-mail to Dan, 11/16/2001.


    It probably wasn't updated to include the endgame book because that isn't meant to be read from start to finish, but in chunks as you go up in strength. Complete Strategy doesn't strike as a book that would fit in the list. It seems more like something that you grab and read about different topics in little 1-2 page bits.


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