Looking for a "travel" sized set with annotation along the sides

Pawnerai wrote:

This one looks PERFECT. But it's a manufacturer's site. Not a retailer. And it's from 2015. Anyone seen this for sale anywhere?

Magnetic chess set. And magnetic closure as well. Walnut inlay. Large, high contrast notation.


I'd like to know where I could buy that set myself


The one from Etsy is beautiful, and the manufacturer was very nice. But the cost of shipping from Poland...  Shipping costs as much as the set itself. The total cost would reach almost 100 dollars.  I'm not sure I can justify spending that much for a chess set to have on a TV table.  Not at my age, with the pandemic raging, and not being sure if I will be employed a week from now.

I might buy it. I'm tempted. I will think about it. It's nice to sometimes do something special for yourself...especially during this horrible time. 


That same set is available through The Rochester Chess Center, www.chessset.com, or The Chess House, www.chesshouse.com.

I would phone them for details.

And the cost is less than it is on Etsy.



I am happy to make you a 12 x 12 board in leather. 13 x 13 roll up in whatever colors you’d like.  It’s not magnetic and I live in the US. I have a sale going on that drops the board to $41.65 +shipping and tax. That still may not be your right price point but thought I’d throw that out there. Happy Hunting! 
my Etsy shop is Kimbo Limbo Boutique 


Wow! Finally, some realistic and affordable choices. Thank you, everyone, for your help. I really appreciate it! happy.png