Сomputer programs


Against what computer programs you most of all like to play?


Since I have started playing here on a regular basis, none.


To analyze my games I use Houdini... hard to argue with the best engine in the world at the moment.

But to actually play against, I use shredder on my Google Nexus pad and on my laptop I use Chessmaster.  Both of these seem to scale down better to my level.


Shredder is adaptive.So I like it. My fascination is chess genius and Crafty to play against .I like some blunders by program so that I can exploit.


I like Hiarcs best for an engine opponent. It seems more human in the way it plays than other engines I've tried, and when you set it to something like 2000 ELO, it doesn't do stupid things like play most moves at 2400 strength with an occasional blunder that an 1800 player would never make, which has been a real problem with other engines I've tried. 


If I feel ready for a beating it usually is Critter, which I found to be the best performing of the free engines.

If I want to have a chance I use whatever the engine is called that is used by the "Chess Live"-App.