Quick Fritz 13/playchess question on Serial #


Hi there,

I have Fritz 13 installed on my home and work laptops. I recently bought a new PC for home and installed. Fritz works fine, but playchess won't let me register my new PC, as it says 'the serial # has already been used.' [or something like that.]

Now, many people must use their copy of Fritz on various home PCs, right? Laptop, tower, or kid's laptop, etc. Does anyone know how I can fix this [I'm willing to take it off my old PC if that would help] or get in contact with them so they can tell their server?

I would think the 2 home PCs have the same IP address, or is that not correct?

[I have emailed their support but have not heard back]

thanks to anyone who can help!



You can only have Fritz 13 activated on 3 machines at the same time.  You should deactivate Fritz 13 on your old machine if you don't plan on using it anymore.  You should also deactivate Fritz 13 BEFORE you uninstall it.  This way you don't lose any of your activations.  You only get 3 activations so you don't want to waste any.

PS When I contacted support I heard back within 48 hours so I hope you hear back from them soon.


Ok, that makes sense as a good way to fix it [even if I only had installed it on 2 machines]. I think I remember seeing you could only install on 3 machines and this was the 3rd so I was confused.

I was planning on keeping it on the old one if I could because I use old laptops for travel/vacation, so hopefully they get back to me tomorrow, but it has been less than 48 hours.

If not I will take your advice and de-activate the old one.

Thanks so much!



ps I was wrong about Fritz taking the code but not playchess, neither of them did when I checked again tonite. Why is technology so hard! ;)