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Recommend me some annotated game books for Beginners!

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    I'm starting to study chess and I need some books with annotated games to study. I've thought about some books like: My Great Predecessors (Garry Kasparov), My 60 Memorable Games (Bobby Fischer), Understanding Chess Move by Move (John Nunn), among others but I worried this books is too difficult for me. So help with this!

    And also recommend me others books about opening, tactics, strategy and endgame that may help me.

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    Dan Heisman's list is good. 



    Russian Chess by Pandolfini is another good one that would probably be situated toward the easier end of Heisman's list of instructive anthologies.

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    There is only 1 Book you need to start out

    Most Instructive Games Ever Played by Chernev

    Chess Move by Move   also Chernev

    for second choice 500 Master Games by Tartakower and Dumont


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