Rigid plastic boards?

I’m still new to the chess equipment market, and there’s something I’ve been wondering. Does anyone make a high-quality rigid board out of plastic or some similar material? I’m just wondering why wood seems to be the only material commonly available for serious boards. If such a board doesn’t exist, is there an engineering reason why not, or is it mostly because of taste?

In general, I think natural materials are so much more appealing...unless you're a polymer chemist, maybe.  wink.png


I'm not a plastic engineer, but I believe 64 sharply defined alternating colored squares in a rigid plastic board is not as easily manufacturable as one might think. I've recently seen poured resin boards that come close to what you are asking about. But not really. 

Masonite is a wood product sorry and makes a great chess board.
Why rigid plastic? Acrylic sheet could easily be silk screened.
Thanks for the replies. When I said “rigid plastic” I was being too specific — I’m mainly wondering about anything that isn’t woody-looking but also isn’t floppy. What prompted this is that I like playing with my plastic pieces, but I’m not super-fond of how they look on my wood boards. At home, I generally use the sets that can be left out and moved around easily with the pieces on them, so the plastic pieces with their uncarryable boards are out. But if there was a board that I could easily pick up and carry while set up, but which matched the plastic pieces better, that might be tempting. I guess I could also just cut a piece of something rigid to sit underneath my vinyl/silicone boards, but I’m still curious if there are good options beyond that.

This is a foldable (not rollable) plastic board, but I haven't seen it in person.

This one has even more, again, I've only seen them on the website:

There are these in PVC:

House of Staunton also carries the pvc boards.

So, mainly foldable PVC boards. There are of course foldable travel set boards made of plastic, but I'm afraid anything more upmarket is made of wood. Except maybe artisan acrylic boards that are not aimed at the general public. 

Right, thanks again everyone. Maybe I’ll just wait until the price of plywood drops a bit and make a base for my existing silicone/vinyl boards.

Staunton Castle makes wood "look" boards. I don't know what they are made of but they are quite substantial. A padauk SC board came with the first set I ordered. The bottom is covered in felt. The boards are not cheap and SC just went up in price but SC is currently offering a 20% discount at checkout. You can see better photos here SC Board and here Tale of Two Boards SC states that the boards will not warp and are not subject to damage from water spills.

Thanks RichardHG, that’s interesting to see. The “jerk-free packaging” is definitely a plus 🙂

You could always make one out of plexiglass, spray paint, tape, xacto knife. Like my dear old dad did back in the day. You would paint the under side then cover the bottom with felt so the paint wouldn’t scratch.