Royal Chess Mall

brother7 schreef:

I like the Improved French Lardy Chess Pieces very much, so much that I bought four sets!

I am considering these although I was actually set on a 3.75" king. The improved Lardy has a 3.9" king. I have a 4" Pinney Liberty set (repro) that I find a tad too large for my 2.125" squares. What are your thoughts about the size of your 4(!) Lardy sets? Do they feel and look 4" or could you mistake them for a 3.75" king set? Much appreciated brother7! 


3.75” is more suitable for tournament play and the original set is the same size. Of course, the original one looks much more beautiful and classy but hard to find. This set by RCM is not too bad a copy after all and although it is different from the original one in several ways, it is still not too bad a set for everyday use and play.