Should I choose DGT 2010 or XL?


Hi there!

I'm considering which one of these two clocks to choose.

The two clocks cost pretty much the same in the store where I shop (about $8 difference).

I don't own an e-board, but I have no idea, if I for some reason (maybe because of some future software training tool or something) would want to connect to an e-board in the future. It speaks for buying the XL.

I can't tell if the display is the same on the two clocks.

When I look at the two clocks, it looks (and sounds) as if the buttons are a bit more "smooth" on the 2010, but I don't know if this is true? Listen to the button-sound in these two videoes:



So, is there any difference between the two models when it comes to buttons and displays? Which would you choose, and why?


Merry Christmas! :)

I went for the DGT 2010 after some serious thought and advice from the chairman at my chess club. :) It seems great, though the buttons (not the lever) are very noisy.

I also received some chess pieces as a Christmas present. Thought I would show you guys. They should have looked like the ones at the top of the picture (picture from the ad), but I got the ones at the bottom of the picture - pay special attention to the black knight ...


The DGT 2010 is by far the best:

  1. Offcial FIDE Chess Clock
  2. Ready set time settings (can be manually set!)
  3. Very accurate!
  4. Move counting!

Only one minor problem: VERY EXPENSIVE!!!

Trust me: buy DGT 2010!