Slowly building my own "Chess Cave"


That's a great photo image of Morgan Freeman and his wise counsel.  Thanks.


I prefer Denzel Washington's Quotable Quote:

"Do what you gotta do so you can do what you wanna do."

Read that from Reader's Digest.


What @Chessroboto said.


One question....Why?


Op said he’s done with


I'm still wondering why? Just curiosity on my part.....Nothing more.....There has to be some kind of reason.....QTO was an interesting guy and valued poster.

I'd message him personally,but can't figure out if he'd be open to it at this point....Hmm?


You can always try. I'd be surprised if he actually deleted his account. When that happens, ALL his posts with the beautiful pictures will go away with the Op.


I remember reading QtoQ being upset by some content that was filtered. One was a public thread while the other was a private message between him and another poster. I believe during that explanation was when he said he would be leaving after a short while. I think this thread was basically a see what you'll be missing kind of thread.


...Or this thread is his invitation to do the same WRT the chess cave. 


It will remain a mystery,I guess and I'm really sorry(and perplexed) that it came to this.

Either way,sadly,it's QTO's loss too,because this is a nice place for a chess fan.

Enjoy that Chess Cave Jorge!


I agree with Mr Twanger - you should reconsider your decision to leave Jorge


Back when Jorge announced he was going to leave, he messaged me.  I just looked and that message is gone.

I recall that it was something from the moderation but not on this forum.  I cannot recall the specifics.

I agree that it is a shame he does not come back here.

I know that I have had a couple of times when the trolls and a few other posters, including KnightsForkCafe, made me want to quit myself.  But those miscreants have either left or majorly reduced their posting in both cases.

We have entered a time where the direct from India manufacturers and sellers are coming up with very competitive sets to the nicer ones.  And we see a few newer designs creeping in as well.

What I don’t see are sets that I feel the need to buy.  And at the time I was not someone that owned a lot of sets compared to others.  Right now, my wood sets number around 40.  The guys with more don’t come around here much anymore.  But maybe there aren’t anymore sets out there that are different.




Covid happened, and it’s affected everything. Unemployment, change of jobs, loss of disposable income, forced retirement, filing for bankruptcy, closure of businesses, death in the family. For each of these unfortunate events, I personally know people who experienced them. 
For those who can still enjoy the game of chess and all that comes with the hobby, kudos!


Great responses by all......but.......there is nothing anyone could possibly do,or say, to make me quit!

Though,I enjoy being a pleasant person,I can dish it if necessary and enjoy this forum way too much to be intimidated enough to leave.

I must say that Jorge "was a true gentleman",but to leave with an announcement and parade....C'mon!


I think @Chessroboto said it best. It has been a tough year for all. I think what makes this year especially difficult is the lack of a safe escape for people to exists and forget their problems. We are constantly bombarded with negative things. We cannot even escape for 2 hours by watching a sporting event without being bombarded with the same stuff we see all over the news, radio, etc.

I love this place. Sure it is not always positive and not always about chess stuff. In the beginning of the quarantine, there were those who said lots of nasty things in this forum, but of late we started to talk about chess stuff again. We started to talk about what's good and what's bad about xyz company and this set and that set. I think that is wonderful because we can all just for a moment escape from whatever troubles us. QtoQ might be gone and I surely get his perspective. However, I for one am grateful to be part of this community and can come here just to talk about anything other than everything on the news.

I will say that I wish Jorge would come back to update us on his chess cave. That way people like me can live vicariously though him.


Perfectly stated!