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Tactics Time 2!

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    Well, they've done it again. The team of Tim Brennan and Anthea Carson, one year after their fantastic "Tactics Time," in which they presented us with 1001 tactical positions from the games of real players, have come out with the second volume.

    I won't review the second volume in this space, as it is substantially the same as the first, which I reviewed extensively last year. Suffice it to say, however, that it is just as instructive, well-thought out, and instructive as the first.

    As soon as I saw it was available, I snapped it up.

    Thanks, Tim and Anthea, for great work that's sure to be of inestimable value to legions of intermediate players.

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    Thanks for the nice review!

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    I've got the first one but haven't gotten through it yet, so I'll probably have to download the second one too.  I like how the puzzles are taken from real games and present real situations that you're likely to find yourself in.


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