Time for Ganine


Here are some pieces that I recently picked up for the price of slab of beer. They break all my own rules!! It’s not wood (… it’s Bakelite). I generally don’t buy these sort of figural/facial sets but some time ago, I saw this Ganine design online and I was taken by it …the faces are so stern and menacing. I was able to inspect the pieces before purchase and for a plastic set … the pieces are beautiful and tactile - they feel great and are lightly weighted. 

I love that the set is 60-65 years old …and in spectacular nick. I am fair dinkum stoked and for a bit of fun, I have matched them to my restored antique board. For those interested, the photos of the whole board represent the colour of the pieces most accurately. 

My apologies for the different font sizes above … I have no idea why this happens from time to time.

Thats cool, they look good on the board.  


Congrats! I hope you enjoy this set a lot.


Thanks for sharing the info and pics.


Very nice set in excellent condition, Sir!  Welcome to the club - soon you'll be hunting for a nicely marbled 1471, an elusive red & white Superba, and one of the original-original red/black designs, hahaha!


"They break all my own rules" I know a thing or two about that...Great looking set. Thanks for sharing!


Awesome pictures! So… when does the new room addition begin construction? 😉

Nice new addition to your collection………..which seems to be getting bigger every other post. 😀
Cheers for all the feedback. 👍
I have subsequently searched for more information on these pieces and found this information which includes some lovely photos

That's a very nice set and goes great on that board,of which I remember it's story.I used to see very similar sets in NYC when I worked there years ago(a lot).They were commonly found in many of the tourist stores around mid town Manhattan....Clearly a desirable set of chess pieces.

Darn! How much is a beer in Aussie Town?wink


These pieces are a joy. They sit on refurbished 60’s chess table and like now, sometimes I just pick ‘em up and admire them. Weird, I know. 😳Yet, here is a cheap set…but, so beautifully moulded (in Bakelite) that they are quite captivating - even under the evening lamp light ….quite cool, I reckon. 


I think I remember reading that these sets were made of melamine but I may be mistaken.  Yours is a Salon, right?  And in great shape, too!  Now starts your search for a nicely marbled Tournament set...  wink

Hey Dave,

Thanks for your note.

Yes, mine is a Salon edition with a 3.5” king. Whether it’s Bakelite or Melamine - I am not sure and I would defer to your and others knowledge.

I had assumed Bakelite after reading various articles but I may be wrong.

The Salon edition manly came in white or ivory and black, I believe. I think I have the Salon ivory edition unless it is just discoloured white.

As you note, there are some other wonderful finishes and the larger tournament edition is surely lovely.

This article (below) also has some cool historical references too.

What even is that???


The pieces have faces!!!!