Trying to find a particular book


Years ago (~1991) I read a book that had multiple different stories all about chess in it.  The first few were relatively short, and the last one was "Queens Gambit" by Walter Tevis.  The book also had some stuff about Kasparov, even a short quiz comprised of maybe ten different chess positions from his games and you had to try to pick out the move that he played to win.  I recall that one of the short stories was about an older chessmaster playing the new, young, super strong chessmaster and having an internal argument with himself about whether to play to win or to play for the most beautiful game (or something like that at least). 


I am trying to find this book and have had no luck yet.  I thought it was called Queens Gambit, but that was just the main novel that was at the end. 


Does anyone know of this book and what is the title or where I could find it? 




Thanks PerfectGent, I will give them a try.