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Types of sets used in World Championship

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    Yes, but from what I understand both FIDE and the USCF allow smaller and larger pieces (within limits) as long as the piece to square size ratio is acceptable. But as DGT only manufactures eboards with 55 mm squares all the top games are effectively limited to approximately 3.75" sets.

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    Hi guys,

    It seems that I will revive this thread with my post Smile

    What size are the pieces that are used with the DGT board? From what I know, the board has 55mm squares and I've read in DGT timeless pieces that they have 36mm, but there is no way that 36mm pieces look like that on a 55 mm board.

    I have the same pieces and board size at home and the pieces have a lot of space on the square, compared to the videos, on which the pieces are very "fat" and they occupy a much more space.

    I even have a printscreen from today's match Smile

    Also it's very clear in any youtube video, like this one:


    Thanks a lot Smile

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    I think the reason people use timeless is beause the pieces are more duriable and less sharp corner to be dent. As well, the walnut board with red rosewood are moderate contract colors for vision wise, so good to play long time match game.

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    The Timeless set is one of a handful of sets that works with DGT's e-boards, which are used at many of the world's most elite tournaments.

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    I think the Timeless set is about as "vanilla" as a set can be, with its clean pleasant looking Knight without disturbing detail. The rest of the pieces are also completely harmless in their design. As such it's an ideal playing set, and that should account on its popularity.

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    Timeless set is also 1 of my favourites ... if it suits strong players I guess it'll also suits me :-)


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    The Kasparov v. Karpov 1990 "Lyon" Chavet set (Ref. #B- 210) was also the same one used in the  Kasparov v. Short 1993 and the Kasparov v. Anand 1995  WCC matches. The Kasparov v. Kramnik 2000 WCC match used the Chavet (Ref. #B- 212) set. I have  these sets nullnullnullnull

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    Ronbo710, THAT is a nice set happy.png

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    That set just looks absolutely stunning. I can't even articulate why.

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    Thanks Guys happy.png - Note the large sphere on top of the Queen(s) in the two lower pics. That is the set from the 2000 WCC. The upper two pics are the earlier set.

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