What are the best german chess books never translated to English?


Dr. Hartlaubs glanzpartien

Friedrich Michéls

C. Ronniger, 1923 - Chess - 168 pages



Playing through Dr Hartlaubs's games feels like watching a German Morphy. Should be an entertaining book for chess lovers, if the book was translated (and annotated.)


 "I also enjoyed Dr Hartlaub's Glanzpartien (in German) were I found the games are quite wild and fun to play through!" - GM Alexander Baburin.





One of the best courses in chess is from the argentinian master Roberto Grau, "Tratado General de Ajedrez". In 4 volumes he explains everything one must know about the game. A few years ago they republished it in algebraic notation. It is a pity that they did not translated it to english. It is a classic and in Cuba (even today a strong chess country) it is mandatory for the beginners and the club player.

Another very famous book, at least here in South America, especially in Brazil (where I live) is Pachman's "Modern chess strategy" and in english the version is an abridged volume, because the original one has 3. Everybody I know here has studied the book in their early years but only a few know that it is a spanish translation from the english version, that means the abridged one.


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Pachman’s “Complete Chess Strategy” was published in full in several volumes in English. They are intermittently hard to find and are often overpriced, though fair prices can be found if you are patient. The abridged version in English was published by Dover and is more widely available. Check out viaLibri.net and Amazon.


The four volumne set on Alekhine by Kotov was never translated completely into english as far as I know, but there was a highlights book. It was quite common practise to do this with Soviet books.

Ruby and Elk are translating quite a few old Russian ones, the latest is Mikhail Tal: The Street-Fighting years by Koblenz.

Emanuel Lasker: Denker Weltenbürger Schachweltmeister, Richard Forster, Stefan Hansen, Michael Negele is being updated with some new material into a three volumne english translation set. So far two volumnes have been published.



I have been interested in chess books published during the Soviet era and were never translated to English. I am even disappointed that some more recent Russian books lost content when they were translated to English such as Kasparov's books.