What board/piece colors do you prefer?


While natural antiques are undoubtedly more valuable than modern reproductions of them, how do you think boards become antique? People buy them and use them for years. And I don't agree that antique boards any more than antique chess sets, were superior in manufacturing quality. The boards currently being sold new by Official Staunton, House of Staunton, The Chess Store, Bill Drueke, Andre of MTM and others are excellent quality and production, not to mention custom woodworkers like Brad Borkowski and Bill Nelson that produce fantastic quality at a reasonable price. If people don't buy new boards, the next generation is not going to have any affordable antiques.

Scotchgambit2000 wrote:

Therefore, it is more reasonable to buy a chessboard which is already 50-100 years old. 

Hogwash. There are far more chessplayers in the world who like good equipment than there are vintage tournament size boards in existence. Therefore, is not only reasonable but rational to buy a modern board, and the choice to have it look "antiqued" or not is up to the individual that buys it, not some jackass on an internet forum who poses as an expert but has never posted a single picture of anything he actually owns on this forum.



For solid colors, I think I like medium to light blue the best.  It seems easiest on my eyes.  I have tried many color combinations, and this is the one I come back to most often.  I do insist on 4 different colors, though, so a natural to buttercream yellow for the white pieces contrasts nicely with white squares, and black contrasts nicely with light blue.  Very high contrast and visibility.




I must admit to liking red pieces and boards as well, though they aren't quite as easy on the eyes, they are still attractive to me.




This is my favorite solid color board, it's just a little too dark for good contrast with the black pieces, which I find particularly problematic since the white pieces contrast a little too well (once again the buttercream yellow of the new Ultimate sets).  I have some other sets that look nice on this board, I'm just really into using my new Ultimate set these days.




My preference is boxwood for the light pieces, and sheesham, rosewood, or padauk for the dark pieces ("I don't need no stinkin' black pieces"). For chessboards, I prefer maple or ash for the light squares and walnut, padauk or bloodwood for the dark squares ("Don't need no stinkin' black squares either"). Examples below.


(Larger Board - Northern Ash & Padauk / Smaller Board - Maple & Bloodwood)


(Larger Board - Maple & Bubinga / Smaller Board - Northern Ash & Bloodwood)



dark - sapele,cherry,mahogany
light - maple


dark - ebony,ebonised,rosewood,walnut(if I can afford NOJ)
light - boxwood,maple(if I can afford NOJ)