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Which tablet for fritztrainer?

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    Hey fellas,

    nowadays I'm an apple-person which is very problematic for my wish tu use my old fritz-trainers again, since they won't run on IOS. I don't want to buy a windows laptop or anything like that, so I was thinking about a tablet, which might be the most convenient, also for traveling and for the use on tournaments.

    Does anyone have any experience with this matter? What tablets are recommendable for my needs?

    Analyzing games would also be nice but I realize this requires different things and would obviously be more expensive. So what I need is:

    - A good (windows-)tablet where I can watch fritztrainers (the possibility to analyze games if affordable (=> 500 €)

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    Equal to or greater than 500 euros? Your options are unlimited.

    I think you meant equal to or less than 500 euros.

    You may not be able to get a decent one to analyze games. 

    What format are the Fritz trainers in? How do you normally watch them?

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    Haha, yes, of course, I meant equal or less. What's the magic number for a decent one to analyze games? I guess like 800-1000, for something like a surface pro?


    I don't know if there's a standard format for the fritz trainers but I can watch them when I have fritz installed (for which I would need an expensive tablet, I assume) or the CB-reader, which I assume would do for a tablet (but just guessing here).

    Can anyone help out and clarify which format the fritz trainers are in? I am on my Mac right now and can't check myself. It's some kind of videos but since it is also synchronized with the chess board in order for the user to see the moves, I am really not sure what that is.

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    I tried to look it up, it's called chess media file, but it's a specific term for stuff from chessbase so I don't know if that helps. http://en.chessbase.com/support-kb/content/details/882/The_new_ChessBase_Reader_2017

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    That shows that the media files could be WMV or mp4 files which could be played on an iPad. I am not familiar with the Fritz Trainer series, unfortunately. 


    A decent tablet though does  not have a CD reader and I believe all the Fritz stuff is copy protected. Not sure how you would play on a tablet. I have two Surface Pros and I have to get a portable USB CD player to use CDs on them.

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    I have often downloaded Fritz material, so I guess that should work somehow, no? Also, an external CD-reader should always be an option, right?

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    A CD-reader should be an option. 


    Don;t know enough about the Fritz material to say about the downloadable stuff.

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    I actually had issues with some of them on Windows 10 as well. I can get a lot of Fritz Trainers from the local library, but the software seems to have issues with newer OS'es in many cases, and just crashes. So don't count on running them on a windows tablet either, i guess.

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    My god, why is this software so sh*tty? Is there no safe option for me to be able to play my fritz trainers? Anyone?

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    So I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S for about 1000 Euros. Although it is quite expensive I have to say it is awesome and all the fritz-stuff works perfectly. So if someone needs a tablet where you can watch all the fritz-stuff and even analyze games, this tablet (amongst others, I am sure) will work for you. 


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