analyze it!

Analyze your game please read the rules and guides for in formation you may analyze types of chess games:
-computer(1 point)
-live(2 points)
-Daily(3 points)
-don’t ly
Don’t post any thing off topic
-date analyzed
-type of game
Tournament or regular game
Extra points
-non- premium(1 point)
-premium(2 points)
Due Date:February 21,2020
Thank you!!!
The most points win and also include if you are premium or not on the message after analyzeing it please another rule is please when analyzeing watch the whole thing look at the move that tell you where you moved in letters and numbers look at the good moves and look at every single thing

no clue what you're saying, but here's my greatest loss to this date (in terms of rating)

....especially since i was winning


Analyzed in November for my coach. What happens if you win, exactly?

Then analyze that send on the forum the date you analyzed it put if it’s a Daily tournament game or live tournament game and say if your premium