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Hi my name is David, I am rated over 2000 on lichess and I wanted to teach beginers who are rated under 1200 to help them get better. I have been coaching for couple years at locial chess clubs and now want to teach online. Please put your user name in the chat if you are interested in free lessons.

Um. Then why are you rated only 1500 here?

Because I play I lichess more and I don't play on any more


I suggest getting this rating up so people can evaluate how strong you really are and not have to go to lichess to see. Also I wouldn't start offering coaching until you are 2300+


outwittedyou (you are still doing this, right?)


I would be interested. I think a solid 1500 here could definitely teach something.

outwittedyou wrote:

outwittedyou (you are still doing this, right?)


dMedik, would love some coaching, I’m still under 1000. Here’s a recent game that built up so much pressure but I ended up losing I have hard time with games that have too much pressure built I don’t know how to break it and come out on top.
Sorry my profile is dMedia as you can see

I am interested.


Im interested


Am interested


Lichess's rating are overinflated but 1700 is still a strong rating


Hi everyone, 2000+ in rapid and 1900+ in bullet and blitz. If you want tips I'd be happy to share. Add me and message me when I accept (I might not notice for a while because notifications are turned off for me). I went from 1100 to 1700 rating following the Chessbrah building habits videos. Once you reach this stage, your rate of improvement I think is decided by how much time you are willing to put into the game (ie. how much do you really enjoy chess?). I definitely think a solid 1500 can help everyone improve so take their advice and run with it !! I was sub 1000 rating at some point too !!

Am interested

Hey David, Homeschooling Dad here, thanks so much I was hoping to check around and get a coach for my little fella(11yrs879 chess com.) so this would help see what lessons are all about! ZukeDaDuke


Hii I started playing a little over a year ago because of gotham chess and I LOVE CHESS RN.

my ratings are going up- in rapid because I play higher rated chess bots in my free time

Just won a game and got 958 as elo which is my highest went on google and found out it's just avg elo :/ so how can I improve more? 👉👈 please help

I beat you in chess.