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Alternate move

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    In the Chess Mentor excercise Space Advantage vs. Bishop Pair, Black just moved 9...h5 threatening my rook. Why can't I move 10. Qh3 and threaten mate if he takes my rook on g4? Instead they want me to fight on for 6 more moves instead of 2.


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    The correct move according to them is Rg3 because according to them: 10.Rg3 is the best square to prepare the doubling of the rooks. Now the f4-pawn is poisoned.

    I would gladly give up a rook if it meant checkmate, unless I'm missing something. Granted he doesn't have to take my rook then I could just double them next move.

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    1...Rh6 probably messes that up.

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    Yeah, it lets black put his rook on a better defensive square with tempo. However it should explain the move in the course, because there it just says "What about your attacked rook?"


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