Balancing Imbalances Lesson


Ok, I may have found a flaw in this lesson, but since I'm only a 1700/1800 player, maybe someone can correct me.  The final suggested move for black was e4, supposedly trapping the white knight.  However, I saw e4 and dismissed it, due to Nd4. The black queen cannot take the knight on d4, due to Qxc6 check, winning black's rook. Also, the knight seems well-placed here and it doubles up on c6.  Also, doesn't the e4 pawn, while protecting the advanced bishop, also hinder it's mobility?  Did I miss something?


The fact that there's a knight on e7 preventing Qxc6?


Oops!!  Is that knight still there at that point?  lol  I was visualizing lines in which I moved that knight, instead of pushing e4, so I must have brain-farted on that line, imagining him being on f5.  I don't use a board when doing these lessons, so ....  This is probably why I'm not a Grandmaster.  lol  Thanks for pointing that out, James.