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Calculation Problem

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    I have a serious problem calculating throughout the game. Does anyone have a solution to making improvement with this? I  already understand that Tactics training helps with this. Can anyone suggest tools or other training techniques to make a substantial improvement on this? Thank you very much for any feedback. Perhaps a particular book that specializes in this?

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    just remember no one calculates perfect we are human. but practice helps the more games you play the better, now that means NO blitz.no games with time less then 60 min "even thats fast" most calculation starts with finding plans both for you and the other player ,if you have no plan and just sit there looking at moves you will get no where after all seeing a fork 5 moves away but you get mated at move 2 dont help. so books that teach stratagey are a must. they teach you to see weakness and how to play against them. so once you see a weakness your thoughts start looking at ways to exploit them.thus making calculation a tad easyier.as for which books that is up to you to find what works for you.i have had people tell me a book was great only to spend money and find it wasnt for me.do lots of online research. sorry about spelling and grammer.

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    If you want to do more push-ups, you have to do more push-ups.

    As for books, Practical Chess Analysis by Mark Buckley. To start, you have to know the board. Is e6 white or black? Does a bishop on b2 attack h7 or g7? How many moves does it take a knight on f3 to attack g7? You have to know the answers to these questions instantly without thinking.


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