How can I quickly play through the moves to review a lesson?

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    I was just trying out Chess Mentor and it looked like a great tool. However I was put off by the fact that there was no way to quickly review moves at the end of a lesson (either through an analysis board or PGN export).

    I would assume this is a decision to prevent rogue users from copying the courses, but I wish there was some compromise solution. Think about it: especially in the strategy lessons it is natural to quickly go through the moves again to make the pattern stick.

    Please, make available at least an analysis board with the PGN behind it but without PGN export.

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    And now that I mentioned it, the FEN of the positions would also be useful for analysis/play with a chess engine (outside Chess Mentor).

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    Thanks for your feedback and suggestion! We always appreciate member contribution to help make the features on the website the best it can be.

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    Chess mentor is great.

    but i would like to read all comments on the "wrong" moves sometimes. It is then very annoying to go back and to work through all the "wrong" moves.

    Let say after you have completed the exercise it must have a list of commented "wrong" moves so that you can just click them to read the comment. or all the comments on the wrong moves could just be given at the end of the comment on the "correct" move.

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    Okay, here's a partial solution:

    1. Go to "my Chess Mentor" and click on the lesson you want another look at (1 below),

    2. When the second window opens click on the link shown in 2 below.



    So, you can't "take it away" but you can review it.

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    mmm....we know you can review it. The point is that it is very timely to work through all the moves and alternate moves afterwards.

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